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Imagine seeing a snapshot of all of your location & business compliance in one simple dashboard. That’s the ComplianSer™ location app.

The location dashboard shows a compliance summary for each of your businesses and provides further transparency on a location, department and employee level. In the location app, ComplianSer™ provides a secure, paperless database that comprehensively stores all your businesses’ compliance documents.  Owners have a clear indication of how many employees are compliant or not by department, location and business and can manage this compliance through a few simple clicks.

Eliminate surprises!

How it works

The location app comes pre-loaded with standard state & federal compliance requirements (‘templates’). These pre-loaded templates are provided for convenience (i.e. not required to be used) and can be customized to individual business needs.  Each owner/ business admin can also create his/her own custom library of compliance requirements (‘templates’) using ComplianSer™’s easy-to-use template creation wizard; each custom template can be created as quickly as three minutes.

Rolling out ComplianSer™ takes less than an hour.   To begin, owners / business admins assign each template to a department (e.g. ‘therapist’) and employment stage (e.g. ‘Prospect,’ ‘Hire,’ ‘Manage,’ ‘Retire’).  Next, they enter employees into the system and define their role and employment stage; currently compliant employees can be fast-tracked into the system.  ComplianSer™ will then automatically assign the appropriate templates to individual employees.

In order to ensure compliance authenticity, each employee receives his/her own login credentials to their personal email accounts.  The employee is responsible for logging into ComplianSer™ and confirming his/her compliance through e-signatures.

Real-time dashboard

The location dashboard shows you only what you need to see, but allows you to drill down to locations, departments, employees or to actual documents.  As soon as a task is completed, the compliance table is updated in real time to show current compliance status for that employee and for the department/ location/ business.

The dashboard also provides a “heads up” for employees that are at-risk or have become non-compliant by sending an alert to the employee(s) and their respective managers.

ComplianSer™ maintains information privacy and security by restricting access based on employee responsibility.  For example, a non-manager sees only his/her own documents and tasks; a department or location manager has access to the compliance status for the department or location, respectively, as well as the individual employees within each.

Compliance management on auto-pilot

Once the ComplianSer™ is rolled-out, compliance is auto enforced through real-time tracking. Templates can be configured to automatically re-enforce periodically (per quarter, every year, etc.) as per company policy.

Additionally, any changes to the requirements are automatically deployed through the system for immediate action.

That’s Compliance on Autopilot!

ComplianSer™ is designed to match your business growth by allowing for easy additions of new employees and locations.

FOCUS451™ is available to create and manage the operational libraries on your behalf. Libraries can be added to or amended easily as needed.

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