PEO / HR Service Providers – Add & Retain More Clients, Eliminate Compliance Risks

Integrated offering

FOCUS451™ partners with HR Services Providers that include PEOs, Payroll Providers and other HR aggregators to create high value added seamlessly integrated offering for its clients and keeping proactive compliance throughout the system.

  • Risk of non-conformance for the franchise network
  • Your exposure to joint-employer status
  • Costly field audits

Your non-compliance risk by ensuring that all of your clients are “Compliant” with respect to all the requirements - business, location or individuals.

  • Risk of non-conformance for the franchise network
  • Your exposure to joint-employer status
  • Costly field audits

Increase your client retention
and everyone's profitability.

  • Risk of non-conformance for the franchise network
  • Your exposure to joint-employer status
  • Costly field audits

Create additional revenue through market expansion and deeper penetration.

Compliance Enforcement

How it works

ComplianSer™ provides secure, cloud based intelligent document management platform (patents pending) with built-in e-signature capabilities. It allows secure, hierarchical, role-based access and auto-enforcement via smart proactive alerts. Through its innovative architecture and UI design, ComplianSer™ digitally transforms the compliance process in its entirety.ComplianSer™ takes management and enforcement of the requirements through its compliance management engine and thus helps keep businesses compliant and eliminates the need for a routine audit. Easy to use wizards to create templates, online access and secure storage frees up significant operational resources, saves cost and creates efficiency at the operational level.

Eliminate Routine Audits

Eliminate Paperwork

Eliminate Human Errors

A visual dashboard provides real time network-wide compliance via a simple, click-n-go dashboard.

Real Time Visual Dashboard


The intuitive UI gives a “heads-up” for any possible upcoming items that need to be addressed to stay up-to-date on every document needed for smooth operation.

The templates may be intended for individual employees (such as employee license, agreement) or for the business or locations under it (such as city license).

The Auto Pilot engine manages all document related tasks such as certification/credential expiration, document sign/acknowledgement and eliminates human inefficiencies.

To ensure compliance, proactive intelligent alerts – without filling your inbox – provide gentle reminders to complete upcoming tasks to ensure compliance. Alerts are designed such that you view the dashboard only as needed.
Through a few guided clicks, all outstanding tasks can be completed– including acknowledgements, initials & signatures. It doesn’t
get any simpler than that.

Programming Interface (API)

ComplianSer™ basic compliance module is integrated into partner’s platform through Application Programming Interface (API) with Single-Sign-On (SSO).

1. The client is enabled by partner’s service/ operations team for ComplianSer™ access.

  • ComplianSer™ will auto import only the necessary relevant company data (employee fields and company information) in read-only format.
  • ComplianSer™ does not modify the data, and any changes to company data is done by client admins through the partner’s interface. Changes to client data are automatically imported into the integrated compliance module. This ensures data integrity, single point data entry and maintains single system of record.

2. The company admin/ trusted advisor get admin privileges for ComplianSer™ by default and creates various templates as needed for the company’s operations. ComplianSer™’s easy to use wizard converts PDF documents into electronic, legally binding compliance requirements. These may be employee agreements, policy documents, handbook or licenses, permits and other credentials.

3. The templates are auto-assigned based on employees that belong to one or more departments, locations or companywide. Further, any of the templates can be automatically reassigned on a regular, periodic basis through their properties as setup by the admin.

4. Each active employee of the company uses their current login credentials (that they use to login to partner’s platform) and go to the Integrated Compliance Center (by clicking on the button/link with ComplianSer™ logo) to complete their tasks that may include viewing, uploading or signing documents, as well as monitor and enforce compliance as per their roles and privileges.

Pricing is based total employee count for the company and is charged per employee per month.

How does ComplianSer™ help HR Service Providers?

ComplianSer™’s multi-layer architecture provides intuitive dashboard that allows the service provider to proactively enforce and monitor their entire client-base in one easy dashboard. This is an important benefit, especially for PEOs, who are the “Joint employer” for the client employees. For non-PEO service providers, the executive dashboard provides the ability to create a risk-reduction strategy for their clients.

Client-base Compliance Dashboard for Service Provider Executives.

Once ComplianSer™ is rolled out throughout the client-base, the Service Provider dashboard will show real-time compliance status across client-base. The dashboard is updated in real time as owners, trusted advisors and work site employees from various locations/businesses complete their requirements.

The service provider executives can also see compliance status in further granularity: regional, location-level and department level. Importantly, no employee-level data is exposed, thereby maintaining privacy and eliminating any PII related risks.

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