Eliminate Operational Costs & Risks through Automated "Last Mile" Compliance Enforcement

by leveraging the next generation enterprise class technology that automatically connects your operational requirements to human capital for enforcement.
Eliminate the need for audits - but if you enjoy doing audits, go right ahead.

About us

We know Operations &
We know Compliance

Our executives have hands-on experience in business operations and compliance that include exposure to Legal Risks such as Joint-Employment and data Privacy Laws. And we have been living in the technology cloud even before it was called the cloud.

And direct ...
Years of experience
It's not just another software ...

Simple, Powerful, Real Time.

Our multi-tier auto pilot engine ensures proactive enforcement of corporate defined operational requirements across all functional departments.

Just load your business and location information, and launch implementation in under 24 hours. 

Our user friendly and intuitive UI eliminates complicated customization or need for any training. But we will be there for you for throughout.

We take data ownership, privacy and security very seriously. And that reflects directly in our architecture as well as policies and practices.

If you belong to any of these segments ...

Your company needs operational excellence across the board

Our multi-tier auto pilot engine ensures proactive enforcement of your company's specific operational requirements by being the "last mile" of enforcement.

IT & Consulting Services

Clients demand security from their service providers. Certifications for various standards such as SOC2, ISO-27000, NIST etc., are a required part of doing business. One time certification is just the beginning.
Keeping ongoing compliance with the standards is a challenge.

Healthcare & Pharmacy

Your staff made up of pharmacists and technicians dispenses life saving medication. So your highest priority is to ensure that all the state required licenses and permits are valid and current. Further, you also need to ensure that your staff is up to date on the various required CEUs, protocols and procedures – a lot of which need to be refreshed on a regular basis.


Your highest priority is to create and maintain a safer environment and eliminate business risk through high quality operational standards. Your staff interacts with clients through individual and group activities for personal fitness. How do you keep your compliance fit at all times? 


A resort, business hotel or a restaurant, your staff co-exists with your clients throughout their stay on your premises. Their interaction is of high touch nature – figuratively and some times literally. So your highest priority is to create and maintain a safer environment for clients, employees and eliminate business risk. Excelling in the operations is not optional for your business.

Spa and Body

ComplianSer™ meets the needs for “High Touch” businesses such as Spa services that include Massage, Waxing, Facial and more. Your staff interacts with clients with high touch – figuratively and literally. So your highest priority is to create and maintain a safer environment for clients, employees and eliminate business risk.


Transporting clients or their valuable goods, your business is dependent on reputation of operational standards and Safety.Your highest priority is to create and

Connecting your Human Capital to your Operations

Achieving and maintaining perpetual operational excellence across your global operations requires you to be proactive at all times. The status of non-compliance - even for a single location or single individual in your company network - puts the entire business in the “Red zone”.
Compliance indicates “Green zone”.

The knowledge of upcoming and possible non-compliance is the wisdom that ComplianSer™ provides in real time 24x7.
We call it the “ORANGE ZONE”.

ComplianSer™ creates community value by allowing admins to share their custom templates - leading to direct network effect.

The unique patent pending architecture of ComplianSer™ platform allows owner/admins to share their knowledge with other owners by sharing their custom templates within the community. The admins can make also restrict the sharing by only allowing the share within a particular brands that their organization belongs to.

The basic idea behind sharing templates is knowledge exchange within the community - whether the community is made of different brands or restricted to only your particular brand. The exchange of such ideas benefits everyone in the community and ultimately leads to excellence through best practice.

Harvard Business School talks about Direct and Indirect network effects.
NFX's The Network Effect Manual describes
sixteen such network effects.

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This is what our customers say

“Real Time Transparency”

As an owner & franchisee, ComplianSer™ provides me with real time transparency into HR and business compliance for my location and thus helps avoid possible legal issues. We have found that there is no better way to stay in compliance than ComplianSer™. Prior to implementing ComplianSer™, we used a more manual approach, and every single time that we updated documents (Handbook for instance) we never managed to get 100% of staff to sign off that docs were received. ComplianSer™ helps us tremendously in making sure that this gets done. The auto alert feature helps us manage our employee permits to make sure they stay current. The tool saves time & resources at the front end (time of hiring) and during the course of employment.

Owner & franchisee

“Enabled flawless, trouble-free re-opening”

During the COVID pandemic ComplianSer™ did something that I didn’t expect. With multiple locations it kept our employees notified. Starting from closure to re-opening we provided directions on 'How to file unemployment', 'Health Assessment Form', 'New Policies and Procedures' in compliance with the law. All documents were automatically sent, verified & recorded in a paperless environment that legally protects our company. The result, a flawless, trouble-free re-opening. None of this was anticipated when I first signed up with ComplianSer™.

Multi-unit franchisee

“Wish I had these before”

As an attorney and former multi-clinic franchise owner, I wish I’d had these services available.  The importance of staying compliant with state HR rules and franchisor requirements is paramount to a successful business.  The number of man hours my team spent on a regular basis to stay compliant took away from the goals of growing the business and providing excellent customer service.  The ability to have this all managed electronically is the way to go.

Matt Cannon
VP of Sales at Startup
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