Operational Excellence on Autopilot

ComplainSer™ automatically monitors and enforces operational standards and alerts you when items are coming due. No more surprises!

During the rollout, each requirement (‘template’) will have a set of properties selected that define which employees and businesses it is applicable to (e.g. department, employee stage, etc.) as well as the length of requirement validity (e.g. twelve months).  Once the template’s properties are set,  it will be automatically assigned to appropriate employees / businesses.

Thereafter, ComplianSer™ does all the work.  It keeps track of who is compliant, at-risk and non-compliant, and raises alerts appropriately.

  • If an existing document is due for a periodic refresh, ComplianSer™ automatically assigns the task to the employee / business for re-completion.
  • ComplianSer™ also keeps track of supplemental document expiry (e.g. driver’s license, therapist permit) and automatically alerts employees for an updated version to maintain conformance.

And that’s how you keep your company’s operational excellence on autopilot!

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