Healthcare and Pharmacy

ComplianSer™ meets the needs for businesses with high operational standards such as Pharmacies and Medical service providers. Your business requires up-to-date certifications, credentials and knowledge of protocols from individuals working within your organization. ComplianSer™ can auto-enforce required company agreements - such as IP protection, code of conduct, etc. - onto all individuals in real time. Further, you can now manage your facilities and critical equipment in compliance as required in real time automatically.

What ComplianSer™ provides:

Your staff made up of pharmacists and technicians dispenses life saving medication. So your highest priority is to ensure that all the state required licenses and permits are valid and current. Further, you also need to ensure that your staff is up to date on the various required CEUs, protocols and procedures – a lot of which need to be refreshed on a regular basis. This creates and maintain a safer environment for your business and eliminates business risk.

ComplianSer™ helps you maintain, monitor and Auto-enforce:


Valid and current licenses for service staff such as Pharmacists.


Up to date CEUs and certifications to keep your service staff accredited at all times


Protocol training as required by your business refreshed on a regular basis.


Critical policy documents such as Code of Conduct and Standards of Practice.


Track the expiry of credentials and keep them current.


Refresh of any documents, certifications and policies on regular intervals.

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