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Clients demand security from their service providers. Certifications for various standards such as SOC2, ISO-27000, NIST etc., are a required part of doing business. One time certification is just the beginning.
Keeping ongoing compliance with the standards is a challenge.

Your highest priority is to keep your and your client's technology environment secure. And prior to engagement, most clients are now demanding a validation of secure infrastructure and operations of your company through various standards such as SOC2, ISO-27000, NIST etc. This is where ComplianSer™ comes in and keeps your company up to date in the standards enforcement within the human elements of your organizations.

ComplianSer™ helps you maintain, monitor and Auto-enforce:


Up to date various certifications to keep your service staff accredited at all times.


Critical policy documents such as Code of Conduct, Cybersecurity, Client data management etc.


Technology credentials as required by your staff based on their roles and responsibilities.


Background and employment verification documents.


Track the expiry for important credentials and keep them current.


Refresh of any documents, certifications and policies on regular intervals.

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