An Affordable tool

How much do you spend on a nice sit down dinner for a family of four?
If that’s not a fair question to ask, consider the amount of time you or your manager spend on a monthly basis to keep your business compliant? Wouldn’t you rather spend that time on growing your business?

The ComplianSer™ location app’s monthly subscription costs less than that.

ComplianSer™ saves the unnecessary overhead required to manually track operational requirements, and more.


Franchise systems are considered “complex Enterprises” as the service providers actually belong to independently owned businesses, which are owned by Franchisees. The cost of keeping franchise network “Compliant” gets higher in a non-linear fashion as the network grows.

FOCUS451™ leverages next generation technology to completely automate franchisor requirements and eliminate franchisor exposure to joint-employment – all at a monthly per location cost that is completely affordable for the franchisee.

Enterprise Clients

Enterprises also have the same problem of conforming operational standards across its geographically dispersed workforce and workplaces. Routine HR tools do not enforce corporate operational requirements proactively. ComplianSer™ works with your HR and ERP platform and ensures operational standards across the board – not just for individuals for but also for locations within the businesses. All, for a per employee cost that is fraction of running a routine audit – which is eliminated by ComplianSer™.

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