Quantify your operational risks through industry's first ever Compliance Index - the heartbeat of your operations!  

ComplianSer Compliance Index

ComplianSertm Compliance Index (CCItm):

Data gets its power through relevant analytics. That is exactly what ComplianSertm provides through the calculation of "Compliance Index" for your business. None of the private data is shared with anyone else. Your data stays yours.

Being compliant at a given time is just a static indicator. In order to minimize operational risks, your company needs quantification of compliance exposure in real time based on the compliance requirements for your organization. This necessitates continuous and real time indicator of your compliance data. ComplianSertm Compliance Index (CCItm) provides you exactly that - the heartbeat of your operations.

Our real time engine monitors and calculates Compliance Index for each compliance requirement based on its required date and actual completion date. These are used to calculate the ComplianSertm Compliance Index based on all of the requirement completion data for that individual. These are then used to roll up to department level, to location leven and then for your business to create composite CCItms.

You can use CCItms for setting up operational KPIs throughout your organization and continue to excel your operational performance, while minimizing risk exposures. That's the "heartbeat" of your operations.

ComplianSertm Compliance Index is available to all levels of subscriptions with no additional charge.

Now, that's POWER for EVERYONE!

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